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Ongoing Research Support

DMS-2327836    NSF    IHBEM: Data-driven integration of behavior change interventions into epidemiological models using equation learning.    09/01/2023-08/31/2026.   Role: Co-PI (Osman Ozaltin, PI)

U54 DA06004     NIDA/FDA    UNC TCORS: Center for Tobacco Regulatory Science and Health Equity.     9/30/23-8/31/28.      Role: Co-I (Kurt Ribisl, PI)

  • Project 1: Advancing Communication Science to Reduce Disparities in Young Adult Cigar Use
  • Project 2: Amplifying the Menthol Cigarette Ban’s Impact in Priority Populations with a Quit Smoking Campaign
1R61AG078088 – 01A1    NIA    Exercise adherence and cognitive decline: Engaging with the Black community to develop and test a goal-setting and exercise intensity intervention.     09/01/2023 – 08/31/2028.     Role: Co-I (Angela Bryan, PI)

1R01CA242746-01A1    NCI     State-of-the-Art Synthesis of Interventions to Promote Quit Intentions and Smoking Cessation.     07/01/2021-06/30/2024.   Role: PI

1R01DA049155-01A1     NIDA/FDA     Impact of E-Cigarette Prevention Messages on Adolescents.   05/01/2020-04/31/2025.    Role: Co-I (Seth Noar, PI)

1R01CA240732-0      NIH     Little Cigar and Cigarillo Warnings to Reduce Tobacco-Related Cancers and Disease.  09/02/2019-08/31/2024.     Role: Co-I (Adam Goldstein, PI)

Completed Research Support

01CA246606-01A1    NCI     Understanding Uncontrolled Vaping among Vulnerable Populations.     09/10/2020-08/31/2023.    Role: Co-I (Noel Brewer, PI)

R34-MH111852     NIMH     Targeting Physical Health in Schizophrenia: Physical Activity Can Enhance Life (PACE-Life).  08/16/2018-04/30/2022.   Role: Co-I (David Penn, PI)

National Cancer Institute Administrative Supplement    Tobacco use treatment in cancer patients.      10/01/2017-9/30/2019.     Role: Co-I (Adam Goldstein, PI)

National Cancer Institute    Effective Communication on Tobacco Product and FDA Authority – Project 3.    01/01/2016-7/31/2018.   Role: Co-I (Adam Goldstein, PI)

Lineberger Developmental Funding Program Award     How can skin cancer best be prevented? Meta-analysis of behavior change techniques in randomized controlled trials.     01/01/2016-3/31/2017.   Role: PI

#23514 John Templeton Foundation     Testing three strategies for overcoming unconscious influences and translating ‘good’ intentions into action.    01/01/2012-10/31/2015.    Role: PI

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