Ongoing Research Support

  • National Cancer Institute Administrative Supplement     10/01/2017-9/30/2019

Tobacco use treatment in cancer patients 

Role: Co-I (Adam Goldstein, PI)

  • National Cancer Institute      01/01/2016-7/31/2018

Effective Communication on Tobacco Product and FDA Authority – Project 3

Role: Co-I (Adam Goldstein, PI)

  • R34-MH111852  NIMH      08/16/2018-04/30/2019

Targeting Physical Health in Schizophrenia: Physical Activity Can Enhance Life (PACE-Life)     

Role: Co-I (David Penn, PI)

Completed Research Support

  • Lineberger Developmental Funding Program Award     01/01/2016-3/31/2017

How can skin cancer best be prevented? Meta-analysis of behavior change techniques in randomized controlled trials. 

Role: PI

  • Lineberger Developmental Funding Program Award     01/01/2016-12/31/2017

Relationships between little cigar and cigarillo packaging elements, perceptions of characterizing flavors, and use among young adults

Role: Co-I (Adam Goldstein, PI)

  • #23514 John Templeton Foundation     01/01/2012-10/31/2015

Testing three strategies for overcoming unconscious influences and translating ‘good’ intentions into action.

Role: PI

  • #MR/J000450/1 Medical Research Council     03/01/2012-07/31/2014

Time to change! Using the transition from school to university to promote healthy lifestyle habits in young people

Role: Co-I (Paul Norman, PI)

  • #404-10-118 NWO (Netherlands)     09/01/2011-07/31/2015

“Give us a smile and lighten us up!” Novel strategies for enhancing body satisfaction

Role: Co-I (Carolien Martijn, PI)

  • #480009966 Unilever      03/01/2012-02/31/2014

Influence of positive affect on physical activity

Role: PI

  • #2010-001 Improving Access to Psychological Therapies      05/01/2010-04/31/2013

Promoting attendance at psychotherapy using implementation intentions

Role: PI

  • #062-23-2220 Economic and Social Research Council     05/28/2010-03/27/2013

Understanding and using self-generated validity to promote behaviour change

Role: Co-I (Mark Conner, PI)

  • #060-25-0044 Economic and Social Research Council     11/03/2008-01/31/2012

Emotion regulation of others and self (EROS)

Role: Co-I (Peter Totterdell, PI)

  • #00-22-3381 Economic and Social Research Council      06/01/2009-01/31/2012

Does making people think they are at risk, or making them feel afraid or worried, change people’s behaviour? Analysing the experimental evidence

Role: Co-I (Peter Harris, PI)

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