2017 Google Scholar inaugural Classic Paper award for Webb & Sheeran (2006) [Second highest most cited paper in Psychology over the 10-year period 2006-2016]



Thomson Reuters Highly Cited Paper awards for Wood, Conner,  Miles, Sandberg, Taylor, Godin, & Sheeran (2016) and Harkin, Webb, Chang, Prestwich, Conner, Kellar,  Benn, & Sheeran (2016)  [Jan-Feb, 2017] and Sheeran, Klein, & Rothman (2017) [Mar-Apr, 2017] [“top 1% of the field of Psychiatry/Psychology based on a highly cited threshold for the field and publication year”]
2016 Elected Fellow of the Society for Personality and Social Psychology
2016 Thomson Reuters Highly Cited Paper awards for Webb & Sheeran (2006), Gollwitzer & Sheeran (2006), Webb, Miles, & Sheeran (2012), Sheeran, Gollwitzer, & Bargh (2013), Sheeran, Harris, & Epton (2014), and Epton, Harris, Kane, van Koningsbruggen, G. M., & Sheeran, P. (2015) [Nov-Dec 2016]
2014 NIH Merit Award (Group Award to members of the CASPHR Workgroup convened by the National Cancer Institute)
2013 Elected Fellow of the Association of Psychological Science
2012 Elected Fellow of the European Health Psychology Society
2012 Elected Fellow of the British Psychological Society
2011 Elected Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences
2010 Elected Fellow of the Society of Experimental Social Psychology
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